Garden Maintenance

Need assistance with looking after the garden? Whether it be a one off, tidy up in winter or a regular programme throughout the year. You can have a total service or just a helping hand

Garden Clearence

Sometimes the garden or landscape get out of hand or forgotten about. So sometimes it’s easier to start again and get it all removed from site in proper fashion. With a large green waste shredder this is easy, leaving you with a blank canvas to start again.

Garden Design

Where necessary designs for your garden can be drawn up, or we can simply give you plenty of information and advice on what can work if you are drawing up your own ideas. We can both design and construct what you'd like to see in your own outdoor space.

Hard Landscaping

​Whether it be patio’s laid or walls built. Earth and materials can be moved about and constructed to create the perfect area for entertaining or a quiet moment to enjoy the weather.


Lawn Mowing

Domestic lawns are no problem to the workforce. Whether it be at weekly or yearly intervals, cuttings left or taken away from any size of lawn or field its been done before.


​Seeding or Turfing is carried out on a regular basis on various projects, so whether it be starting from scratch, or having to re-establish some worn or tired areas, this can easily be carried out. Turf can be supplied and laid anywhere and if soil is needed that’s also no problem. Many different types of turf including artificial are available depending on the conditions and circumstances.