Grass Cutting

​Grass cutting of all sizes, both in area and length are no problem. Machinery and competent staff are available to cope with any situation.

Hedge Cutting

​Hedges of all shapes, sizes and varieties can be cut at the appropriate time of year. All types of long reach machines and platforms means nothing is too big to tackle.


All types of fencing can be supplied and erected. Simple wire fences to keep stock at bay to large wooden panels and boards for that bit of security and privacy.

Stump Removal

Stumps can be removed anywhere without the need for digging with the stump grinder. This also means there’s no stump left to dispose of and it can be replaced with whatever you wish.

Lawn Care

If it is removal of thatch, moss, or unwanted turf weeds to keep your lawn as healthy as possible, these can easily be dealt with through a number of different means.

Tree Planting

Tree and hedge planting on various scales from large woodland schemes to large semi mature street trees are supplied and planted. Any maintenance and advice to ensure survival goes with out saying.


Any types of tree work can be dealt with. The equipment and staff are available to remove completely or selectively prune to improve the health of any tree.

Weed Control

Qualified members of staff are available for herbicide or pesticide application to keep hard standings or shrub areas clear. It can be a one off, or constant maintenance of any areas - no problem.


Seeding or Turfing is carried out on a regular basis on various projects, so whether it be starting from scratch, or having to re-establish some worn or tired areas, this can easily be carried out.

Shrub Planting

​Shrub planting schemes can be designed and quoted for. Whether it be around a new housing estate, more commercial industrial areas or just a redeveloped garden.


All types of paving can be laid for all types of situations, whether it be for patio’s, bbq’s, parking or just a simple shed base. With many different types available you can choose but be advised in the best possible solution.


Alongside Paving often comes walling, which again has many different types. From raised beds to retaining walls or simple dry stone walling. All available on request in any form.


Decking is available, in its many different forms. With new anti-slip coated or even composites, all have been supplied and fitted for many entertaining purposes.


In some circumstances where simply slitting or spiking the surface isn't enough to keep standing water away then drainage systems can be introduced to remove unwanted water quickly so that less playing time is lost due to the weather conditions.